GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Launch Is the Biggest Event in the Game’s History

GTA Online’s grand opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort is the biggest event in the game’s history. The DLC released on July 23, 2019 and allows players to participate in games on the casino floor. Three Card Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette are available right now, along with Spin the Lucky Wheel for players who want to try their luck.

Considering Grand Theft Auto V has surpassed 100 million copies sold and is the most profitable entertainment product in history, it’s not surprising to see the add-on perform well. Rockstar added that The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC has resulted in the most players seen since GTA Online launched back in 2013, although specific numbers were not disclosed.

Along with the content’s success, Rockstar detailed what’s to come during the week of August 1st for GTA Online players. The Vysser Neo Sports Car is available now, as well as a double bonus boost to Casino Story Missions. Players who spin the Lucky Wheel will also have a chance to win the Grotti Turismo Classic.

As part of the update, you can visit a local art dealer who has a painting available that resembles the Bullworth Academy logo from 2006’s Bully. This got fans excited, thinking it was Rockstar’s way of hinting at a sequel, but nothing has been confirmed.

The casino DLC has received some criticism and has even been blocked in over 50 countries, due to gambling laws. These are countries like China, Argentina, Bahamas, and Venezuela, whose players have resorted to using a VPN in order to circumvent the block. Rockstar has not issued a statement about this.

The success of GTA Online cannot be ignored and it will be fascinating to see how it will be implemented when the next generation of consoles rolls around. There have been rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development, and if true, its integration with GTA Online will interesting to see. Will it feature a new online mode entirely? Or will players be able to carry over their data from the current version?

Have you gotten to try GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort? What do you think of it? Let us know!

[Source: Rockstar Games]