The MediEvil Remake Seems to Have Gotten a Visual Upgrade Since Its Last Showing

One of Sony’s flagship titles for the fall 2019 is the MediEvil remake, which seems to have gotten an improvement prettier since the last time we saw it. Those who attended a recent event held by PlayStation Spain noticed the game looked a little different than it did during Sony’s State of Play event in May of 2019. While the game never looked “bad,” the footage captured at the event does look noticeably enhanced.

A series of tweets from various fans that attended the PlayStation Spain event show substantial differences in the game’s assets. You can check them out below:

Sure, the footage and images aren’t of the highest quality, but it’s good enough to be able to see more detail in the environments. As the first tweet pointed out, you can see the new build features trees in the background, which make the world feel more fully fleshed out. Hopefully we’ll get official footage from Sony ahead of the game’s October 25, 2019 release date, showing off the new visuals.

What do you make of the differences shown? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Twitter via Twisted Voxel]