Sony Adds Rose Gold Headset and More DualShock 4 Color Palettes to Its Collection

The PlayStation 4’s gold headset design will soon add some rose to the mix. This fall, a Rose Gold Headset will hit store shelves, alongside a brand-new lineup of color schemes for the DualShock 4. Four new color palettes in total, including a Rose Gold design, are coming to the already massive DualShock 4 family. The other three colors are Electric Purple, Red Camouflage, and Titanium Blue.

Get a look at the DualShock 4’s latest color schemes in the trailer down below:

Each of the new controllers will launch sometime in September 2019 in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Fans will be able to pick them up for the usual price, $64.99 USD/$74.99 CAN. According to the PlayStation Blog, each one will go on sale at “participating retailers.” Preorders are currently live for all four on PlayStation’s official website.

As for the headset side, its collection is only adding one new color–Rose Gold. It’s pretty, too. Like its Rose Gold DualShock 4 counterpart, the headset features a two-toned design. Rose Gold, of course, serves as the more dominant of the two colors. Meanwhile, it appears the second color is a much lighter hue of the base color.

See a closer look at the Rose Gold Headset for the PS4 in the trailer linked below:

The new headset will also be available in the United States and Canada starting in late fall 2019 and in Europe in November 2019. It will retail for $99.99 USD and $119.99 CAN. PlayStation’s website currently has preorders open for the Rose Gold headset, as well.

This marks the second time this year that Sony has unleashed new color schemes for the PlayStation 4 controller. Back in April, a two-toned Alpine Green and White color palette for the DualShock 4 hit store shelves. Much like the upcoming new additions, it, too, was quite the looker.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]