Monster Hunter World Iceborne Features the Return of Glavenus in Terrifying HD

Iceborne will be the first major expansion coming to Monster Hunter World and it’s bringing a ton of new content in the form of monsters, locations, and more. The expansion is coming to PS4 on September 6 and Capcom has been releasing lots of new information in regard to what players can come to expect when it releases. Capcom has released two new Monster Hunter World Iceborne trailers showcasing the hub base of Seliana in greater detail as well as the return of Glavenus.

Glavenus made its first appearance in Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo 3DS. With the handheld experience, fans of the Monster Hunter series have never been able to hunt Glavenus quite like this before.  The monster sports a giant sword-like tail on its back that starts off blue and begins to change to turn into a more threatening red as the hunt goes on. As if that wasn’t enough, Glavenus can also shoot some lovely fireballs from its mouth so be sure to plan accordingly before you group up to hunt it.

In the second trailer, some of the locations that’ll be available to players in Seliana are shown off more closely. The series’ iconic Palico cats are seen throughout the footage dancing at each location. Because why not? Monster Hunter World Iceborne will be, as the title says, ice-based. Players will have access to snowy locations for the first time and with that new items will be craftable to accommodate the cold temperatures and monsters. The story will be set after the conclusion of Monster Hunter World’s final hunt against Xeno’jiiva.

While Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s highest-selling game in the company’s history, fans have been requesting something akin to the series’ hardcore G Rank hunts. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will deliver on those requests with a brand new Master Rank difficulty that’ll allow players to acquire even better armors and weapons. Glavenus will probably be even friendlier in Master Rank.

[Source: Capcom via Gematsu]