Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Shows Off Its Difficulty Scaling and Photo Mode

During a new Developer Diary from Capcom, a slew of new Monster Hunter: World Iceborne information gave us a better idea of what the expansion will include. We got a look at the expansion’s new difficulty scaling that will make things run more smoothly for multiplayer hunts, as well as a photo mode. But that’s not all that was shown in the 20-minute video from Capcom. There were countless new details revealed that might get you more excited for Iceborne.

We’ll go through some of the most noteworthy additions, but for the full presentation, you can check out the video below:

One of the most important new features that has been revealed is the inclusion of a scaling difficulty when playing cooperatively. Originally, there were only two difficulty modes: single player difficulty and multiplayer difficulty, regardless of the amount of players in the party. This made things extra tough for squads of only two players or situations where a player dropped out. The new expansion will see the addition of a third difficulty made just for two players.

Moreover, the difficulty will change based on the situation. If a two-player squad gets reduced down to one player, the last member standing will be dropped down to the single-player difficulty. It’s a great way to balance things if players back out or get disconnected.

The developers also assured us that players who own Iceborne will still be able to play with players who don’t. You just have to have purchased the expansion in order to play the new quests. Players can still play the quests found in the base version of the game. Iceborne will also have many features that will work in the base version of the game, like the new difficulty system.

Iceborne will include a photo mode. This will allow you to freely move the camera around to take snapshots of the game. Like many photo modes, you’ll be able to change your pose and zoom in to get various shots.

But most importantly, the new expansion introduces a wide variety of monsters. We’ll see the Fulgur Anjanath, a subspecies of the regular Anjanath that will be found during higher rank quests. These subspecies monsters add variations like new attacks. The Fulgur Anjanath has an affinity to lightning. Another new subspecies is the Ebony Odogaron, which will be a dragon-type. It will also be in a constantly enraged state, making it a real challenge.

Finally, we got a look at the biggest and baddest monster of the Developer Diary: the Glavenus. You might remember it from Monster Hunter: Generations. This beast uses fire and has a tail shaped like a great sword to keep you on your toes.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will release for PS4 on September, 6, 2019. Are you excited for the Iceborne expansion? After checking out Monster Hunter: World Iceborne at E3 2019, it’s one we’ve got our eyes on, for sure.  Let us know!

[Source: YouTube]