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NBA 2K Studio May Have an Open-World Driving Game in the Works

Visual Concepts, best known in recent years for NBA 2K and WWE 2K, may have a different type of project in development. Judging by job listings on the company website, Visual Concepts could be transitioning from sports titles to a “vehicle-based, open world” game. At present, it appears the studio is hiring for four different positions concerning such a project. They include a Game Designer (World), Level Designer, Software Engineer (Multiplayer), and a Software Engineer for vehicular gameplay.

ResetEra user, Marmalade, spotted the listings on the “Careers” section of Visual Concepts’ official website. Neither of the listings offer much in the way of details. However, many of them make it abundantly clear which direction this known project is headeded in. The Game Designer and Level Designer postings, for example, note the following:

We are seeking a Level Designer to join our development efforts on an exciting new vehicle-based, open world project! Within this role, you will focus on shaping engaging game zones where you will create exciting missions and events. You’ll work with engineers, artists, and other designers to conceptualize, prototype, iterate, and ship large activity-filled play-spaces.

The post for the Software Engineer (Multiplayer) position is a tad more vague. Regardless, this particular listing does tease what Visual Concepts likely has in mind. For instance, applicants who have “experience with networking vehicle physics and collision response” is considered a plus.

Unsurprisingly, the Software Engineer–Gameplay (Vehicles) listing offers a few more bits of information. An overview of the position informs applicants that potential hires will “be focused on implementing gameplay and technology centered around vehicles–their handling, collision, physics, etc.” Situated beneath the posting’s “Responsibilities” portion is a note about implementing vehicles with “arcade-style dynamics.”

Clearly, something vehicle-related is cooking over at Visual Concepts, specifically at its Foothill Ranch location. What this could all entail remain to be seen. Because of Take-Two Interactive, some ResetEra users are positing whether this secret project might be a new Midnight Club. Since Rockstar Games hasn’t touched the series in a decade, who knows what could be next in store for it specifically?

[Source: ResetEra via Wccftech]