Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Blasts Its Way to Japanese PS4s in January of 2020

Dragon Ball Z fans won’t have to wait much longer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, at least in Japan. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is headed to PS4 on January 16th, 2020. It will cost 7,600 yen or roughly $70.49 in Japan. Only the Japanese release date was specified, so we’ll likely have to wait a bit longer for the worldwide release. Despite that, it’s comforting to know the game is nearing completion. Only the PS4 version will see a physical release in Japan, while the Xbox One version will be released exclusively in digital format. In addition to its Japanese release date, we also got a look at the game’s official box art, which you can check out below:

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot release date

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the next entry in the popular fighting game series, this time, with an RPG spin on things. Typically, the Dragon Ball games focus solely on traditional one-on-one fighting, but this latest entry will lean into role-playing mechanics like character-leveling and quests.

Many playable characters have been confirmed for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, including Future Trunks, Piccolo, Gohan, and Vegeta. And based on our hands-on preview at E3 2019, Kakarot is shaping up to be a really fun time whenever it does come out in the West. It performed well, looked gorgeous, and featured a large area to explore.

But old fan-favorite characters aren’t the only ones to make an appearance in Kakarot. Dragon Ball series character creator Akira Toriyama has designed a brand new character for the game, as a sixth member of the deadly Ginyu Force. The new character, named Bonyu, is a female Ginyu member that will be featured as part of a side quest.

What do you make of the game’s box art and Japanese release date? Think we’ll see it in the West soon? Let us know your thoughts!

[Source: Dragon Ball Official Site]