Benevolent Graves and the Dark Realm Seem Helpful Against Nioh 2’s Demonic Horse Boss

During Tokyo Game Show 2019, a great deal of information surfaced about Nioh 2. Team Ninja talked about its multiplayer and Benevolent Graves, plus a few details about the Dark Realm surfaced. Now a gameplay video has gone live on PlayStation Access’ YouTube channel showing off how all of the above factor into the overall experience. What’s more, these interesting features are seen in action against a demonic horse boss fight.

Minutes before entering the boss area in the demo above, the player finds a Benevolent Grave. This new multiplayer option is kind of an evolution of Nioh’s Bloody Graves. With the Bloody Grave, players summoned the ghost of an online player’s deceased avatar. From there, players could battle the avatar, known as a Revenant, in hopes of defeating their opponent and earning new loot.

Nioh 2’s Benevolent Graves, however, lend players a helping hand in combat. Upon activating such a feature, players are met with a ghostly blue AI companion. In PlayStation Access’ demo, the NPC is used as an aid in the battle against the creepy horse demon.

Also beneficial in the fight shown above is the Dark Realm, where Nioh’s Yokai (demons) reside. In Nioh 2, the player-created character can transform into a Yokai by entering the Dark Realm. By doing so, players can essentially even the playing field, transforming into a demon character that deals a devastating amount of damage.

Similar to the franchise’s first entry, Nioh 2 stars a historical figure as the main character. There’s one key difference, though. In the sequel, players assume the role of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a Japanese warlord. The Nioh universe, however, presents a theory that Hideyoshi may have been two people. Enter character creation, where players will get to decide their character’s race and gender.

Nioh 2 still lacks a solid launch date, but will release sometime in the first part of 2020 on the PlayStation 4. An open beta for the highly-anticipated sequel will go live months ahead of launch on November 1, 2019.

[Source: PlayStation Access]