Insurgency: Sandstorm to Finally Hit Consoles Early in 2020

After years of waiting, console players will finally get their hands on Insurgency: Sandstorm. New World Interactive’s Head of Production, Derek Czerkaski, detailed console port plans in a recent Reddit post. Apparently, if all goes well, Insurgency: Sandstorm will arrive on consoles in spring 2020.

To ensure the challenges of developing a console port are properly navigated, New World Interactive teamed up with Black Tower Studios. This will allow the Insurgency studio to offset some of the rigors of production, while also ensuring new content will continue to receive development time. And it seems production for consoles served as the biggest concern for New World, when considering the ports. Czerkaski noted, “…Given the studio’s history, we didn’t have a lot of pre-existing experience internally relating to console porting, optimization, navigating console TRC (Technical Requirement Checklists), etc.”

Console players who grab Insurgency: Sandstorm at release will receive extra content and a “console-exclusive map” that will remain exclusive for about two weeks. The port does, however, mean that some of the content planned for the title has been pushed back to a later date. Still, fans still have new experiences to look forward to, though the developer isn’t opening up about any of it just yet.

The console iteration of the first-person shooter was originally meant to launch alongside the PC version back in 2017. Insurgency’s console version received a delay not too long thereafter. The most recent update about console ports hit the web in June 2018. Once again, console fans were told Insurgency: Sandstorm was undergoing a delay. At the time, the push shifted the console release to the first half of 2019. Hopefully, Black Tower Studios’ involvement means the shooter will see the light of day on PS4 and Xbox One soon.

[Source: Reddit via VG247]