Sony Plans to Fully Unveil the PlayStation 5 Sometime in 2020

Just yesterday Sony shared a bevy of PlayStation 5 news in an extensive interview with Wired. There’s still plenty of information that remains under wraps, however. When more details will hit the web is currently unknown, but no one should anticipate a full on unveiling until 2020. This news is according to Sam Parker, an IT Specialist at Sony.

Parker teased the mysterious 2020 reveal on Twitter, offering little else with regards to concrete information. See Parker’s post on the matter below:

To many, this news may not seem too surprising. After all, the PlayStation 4 reveal event took place nine months before the console’s November 2013 launch. Plus, Sony didn’t show off the box until E3 of that year. However, hopes were high for something big happening a little sooner, perhaps at a potential PlayStation Experience. Speaking of which, Sony’s silence regarding PSX seems to suggest another year will pass without the fan event taking place.

With a full PlayStation 5 reveal seemingly confirmed for 2020, fans are now left to wonder when Sony will lift the veil. Might a PlayStation 5 event inspired by the February 2013 PS4 reveal be a possibility? Or, has Sony’s penchant for bucking tradition in 2019 served as a precursor for things to come? For now, it’s hard to tell what the company might have in store, but don’t be surprised if the first look at the DualShock 5 comes courtesy of a Twitter post or Wired interview.

The most recent information about the PS5 concerns the updated User Interface, holiday 2020 launch window, and SSD details. Sony has also teased what to expect from the still unnamed DualShock 5, which will feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

[Source: Sam Parker on Twitter]