Death Stranding Install Size and Optional Multiplayer Detailed

A product listing for the “PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition Death Stranding Console Bundle” on US retailer Best Buy’s website has revealed a few extra tidbits of information surrounding Hideo Kojima’s upcoming independent debut. Specifically, the Death Stranding install size and optional nature of its online multiplayer functionality were detailed.

A new piece of promotional artwork accompanying said listing broke the news that the game is set to weigh in at 55GB, though that’s without any potential day one update. As such, it’s advisable that users clear a little over 55GB worth of space on their hard drives in preparation for the release of Death Stranding, which should allow for getting up and running in the shortest possible timeframe. After waiting for over three years, nobody wants to be delayed for a single needless second longer.

The install size might also offer a hint as to the scope of the game, which comes in at half the size of Red Dead Redemption 2 but larger than Horizon Zero Dawn. From that, we can extrapolate that the game’s open-world and the content housed within it should be quite significant in breadth.

Death Stranding‘s unique asynchronous multiplayer elements were also revealed to be completely “optional” by the Best Buy listing. Players may choose whether or not they opt to indirectly engage with features like leaving clues and constructing buildings over the internet, though it isn’t clear at this time whether these elements can be disabled completely or their presence can just safely be ignored. Presumably, this also means that those lacking an active PlayStation Plus (PS+) subscription are safe to play Death Stranding without encountering any issues.

We’ll know a lot more about Kojima Productions’ mysterious inaugural game soon enough, as Death Stranding is scheduled to launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 in under a month now. Players can get their hands on the game starting November 8th.

[Source: GamesRadar]