Cyberpunk 2077’s ‘Scene System’ Will Let Players Control Their Characters in Cutscenes

Based on what’s been shown of Cyberpunk 2077, thus far, it appears CD Projekt RED will push a few boundaries in the western RPG space. This goes for the standards set in cutscenes too, apparently. Some games allow players to freely shift the camera during cutscenes, but CD Projekt aims to take it a step forward. Thanks to what the studio has deemed the “Scene System,” Cyberpunk 2077’s cutscenes will immerse players fully, allowing them to even control their avatar.

At PAX Australia 2019 in Melbourne, John Mamais, head of CD Projekt’s Krakow office, spoke with GameSpot. During the interview, Mamais divulged what specifically the team in Krakow is contributing to the project. In addition to developing a good portion of Cyberpunk 2077, the Krakow office leads the charge with the aforementioned “Scene System.” Mamais told GameSpot the following,

In terms of content, maybe it’s about a third of the game [developed by CDPR Krakow]. We’re doing some specific things. For Cyberpunk, for the narrative part, for the cinematic part, there is something new called a Scene System. It’s like our dialogue and cinematic system that occurs within the context of the gameplay of the game. It’s really important because one of the pillars of the development of the project is the idea of full immersion and this new Scene System is all about full immersion. You don’t break into a letterbox formula and see this cutscene taking place, you’re actually in the cutscene and you can control the character or the camera, there are different levels of control depending on the cutscene. It’s fully immersive; it doesn’t take you out of the experience at all. So we’re doing that and also other things too.

It doesn’t seem as though CD Projekt has shown off this particular feature just yet. Hopefully, that will change as the release date continues to draw near. After all, this revelation raises myriad questions, especially with regards to specifics concerning the freedom of movement in each cutscene. Mamais’ statement about “different levels of control” suggests players will do more than stand around, shifting V’s posture and such.

Cyberpunk 2077 will hit stores next spring for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on April 16, 2020. Dark Horse plans to release a lore book, The World of Cyberpunk 2077, soon thereafter on April 21st. Priced at $39.99 for a hardcover copy, the lore book is currently available to preorder online.

[Source: GamesSpot]