Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Has Already Taken the Crown as 2019’s Best-Selling Game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare hasn’t been on the market for a full week, yet it’s already breaking records. Within a mere three days of its release, the franchise’s latest entry became 2019’s best-selling game. In this short span of time, the title earned $600 million, eclipsing sales of its predecessors for the same period by a pretty decent margin. This figure more than doubles Joker’s opening weekend haul at the box office, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick noted in a press release.

Modern Warfare additionally made waves in the digital space. According to Activision, the game’s “blockbuster opening weekend” ensured it will go down as the publisher’s top-selling digital launch. Such success also translated to the PlayStation 4. Apparently, Modern Warfare now boasts the “highest three-day digital sales” on PlayStation Network. It’s the franchise’s highest-selling PC launch, too, with sales seeing a significant year-over-year increase.

Not only has money earned on the new release been swell for Activision, the number of players also warrants applause. In the first three days, Modern Warfare had more players and more “total hours played” than any other Call of Duty in the past six years, Activision President Rob Kostich explained.

These are impressive feats no doubt, especially when compared to other Call of Duty launches. In a Twitter post, Niko Partners Analyst Daniel Ahmad outlined the opening three days of other Call of Duty entries. According to Ahmad, 2015’s Black Ops 3 comes close to Modern Warfare numbers, having earned about $550 million in three days. Black Ops 2 likely sits in the same realm, since it grossed approximately $500 million in one day. In a subsequent post, Ahmad noted that only two other titles have grossed more than $600 million in three days this generation–Red Dead Redemption 2 ($725 million) and GTA V ($1 billion).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Activision Blizzard]