Cory Barlog Says He’d Love to Release God of War on PC But It’s Not His Decision to Make

God of War director Cory Barlog has said that he’d love to see the hit PlayStation exclusive on PC but the decision is “above my pay grade.”

What sparked the conversation was the recent confirmation of Death Stranding‘s PC release. Although it was already known that the highly-anticipated Kojima Productions title was only console exclusive to the PlayStation 4, the confirmation of a PC release still managed to surprise many, leading to some heated debates on social media.

In response to one such discussion, Barlog indicated that he was in favor of multiplatform releases. When a fan suggested that it was time to bring God of War to PC, he tweeted back:

The difference here is that Kojima Productions is an independent studio whereas God of War comes from Sony’s first party developer, Santa Monica Studio. In other words, the decision to release God of War on PC rests with senior Sony Interactive Entertainment executives rather than the game’s developers.

Responses to Barlog’s tweet were mixed, as you can imagine. While some gamers lauded the idea of multiplatform releases that expand a game’s player base, others were of the view that exclusivity matters to differentiate between platforms.

Regardless, it’s highly unlikely that Sony will release one of PlayStation’s best-selling exclusive series on the PC.

Where do our readers stand in this debate? Share your thoughts with us below.

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