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Feedback After Life is Strange 2’s First Episode Encouraged Dontnod to Bring Back a Character

In the past, Dontnod has addressed the benefits of episodic releases. Most notably, such experiences allow the developer to adjust course based on player feedback if necessary. The same rings true for Life is Strange 2, and Dontnod took advantage of this particular practice very early in the sequel’s release cycle. Apparently, Life is Strange 2’s Lyla only returns after the first episode because fans enjoyed her so much.

In an interview with Gamereactor, Lead Writer Jean-Luc Cano made note of this. He told the publication, “…what I like in episodic structure is that it allows us to make some quick adjustments between episodes, even if the main story is written from the beginning.” As previously mentioned, some of these adjustments come courtesy of feedback and player choice. Lyla serves as one example for Life is Strange 2. According to Jean-Luc Cano,

So, for example, in Episode 1 you have the character of Lyla, and for us, at the end of the first episode when Sean calls Lyla and says ‘okay, goodbye’, and breaks his phone, for us the story was done. But we had a lot of feedback from the players that loved Lyla so much, so we said ‘okay, let’s bring her back in Episode 2’ and give the player the possibility to call her again, even if it will have bad consequences on Sean.

How else a single season may change throughout development would offer fans fascinating insight into the overall process. Whether or not Dontnod will ever go into further detail about the topic is anyone’s guess, though.

The fifth and final Life is Strange 2 episode will go live early next month on December 3rd. On this same day, Dontnod and Square Enix plan to launch physical Standard and Collector’s Editions. Life is Strange 2’s Standard Edition will cost $40, featuring all five episodes, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and Arcadia Bay patches for Sean’s in-game backpack. Priced at $70, the Collector’s Edition will include all of the above, a vinyl box set for the soundtrack, hardcover art book, as well as Daniel and Sean vinyl figurines.

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