Marvel’s Avengers’ Creative Director Was Expecting a ‘Struggle’ to Win Fans Over

After the announcement of Marvel’s Avengers at E3 2019, reception was quite mixed due to lack of clarity on what the game actually was. Even though the community seems to have dialed back their criticisms, especially after the announcement of Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel as a playable character. Still, the game has a lot to prove and according to Creative Director Shaun Escayg, the team always knew it would be a challenge to win fans over.

The Crystal Dynamics-led Marvel adventure is set to focus on heroes from the popular comics, including Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, and the aforementioned Ms. Marvel. However, much is still unknown about the game and how it will work, which is in part, where some of its skepticism stems from. Aside from that, the character designs for each of the heroes were criticized for being “bland,” an issue the developer does not plan on changing. (Editor’s Note: This was an old comment made in June. Later trailers have indeed shown moderate touchups that make the characters look “better,” though they probably don’t qualify as full redesigns. A comment made in August indicates that further polish will continue to clean up and change the characters ahead of release.)

Here’s what Escayg had to say about the road to winning over fans:

I mean, we knew we had that challenge…We’re going up against a 10 year history of movies. And you know, people forget really quickly, but when the first movie came out, they had the same problem. People were upset with the way these heroes looked. So we knew going in that we would always have that struggle.

The focus for us was more on our original storyline, and how do we make sure that we stay true to that DNA of the characters in the comics and bring this story to life.

What we do know is that there will be both single-player and multiplayer components in Marvel’s Avengers, with an emphasis on live-service features beyond the game’s main campaign. There will be more content added after launch, like DLC characters and other gear for you to experiment with.

Marvel’s Avengers is due out on May 15, 2020.

[Source: GamesRadar]