About 100,000 Player Have Joined Dreams Early Access, Media Molecule Confirmed

Details are scant about how well Media Molecule’s Dreams is doing in Early Access. Data such as the number of participants, for example, has officially remained under lock and key for months. Now a rough estimate has surfaced, courtesy of the November 25th episode of the the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast. During an interview on the podcast, Abbie Heppe, Media Molecule’s Communications Manager, confirmed that around 100,000 have joined Dreams Early Access.

Heppe made note of this while on the podcast with Game Designer, Robin Hunicke. At about the 12:57 mark in the episode, Heppe said, “we have about 100,000 people who have joined in Early Access.” She did not divulge too much more beyond this.

However, Heppe did note that some Early Access participants are likely folks who purchased a code and intend to return “further down the line when there’s more content.” Of course, Dreams is now far more feature rich than it was several months ago, thanks to frequent content updates. Yet, Heppe’s comment seems to suggest that not all of those 100,000 players have regularly logged on throughout Early Access’ duration.

The 100,000 figure does seem low, especially since it is the number of players present in an estimate from June of this year. After all, Early Access only costs $29.99. Perhaps more PlayStation fans are interested, but intend to wait for the full game’s eventual release? At present, this much remains unclear. Dreams’ lack of an official release date is not helping, either.

A potential leak from a UK retailer recently hit the web, hinting that Media Molecule and Sony plan to release Dreams early next year on February 14th. Neither company has confirmed the supposed date, so don’t go marking your calendar just yet. There may still be a lengthy wait ahead.

[Source: AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook Podcast via ResetEra]