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Sony’s Former Worldwide Studio Head Thinks Dreams Will ‘Change Game Creation As We Know It’

Media Molecule’s Dreams has remained somewhat of an enigma for the better part of this past decade. Initially teased during the PlayStation 4 reveal in early 2013, the game is finally set to launch in a few weeks. Will it light the world on fire? We won’t know for sure for quite some time. However, Shawn Layden, the former Head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, seems certain that Dreams will usher in large scale change. In fact, according to Layden, it may very well “change game creation as we know it.”

Layden celebrated Media Molecule’s announcement that Dreams has officially gone gold with praise on Twitter. His response to a post from Studio Director Siobhan Reddy is as follows:

This is high praise from Layden, who likely knows the project much more intimately than most. The idea that Dreams could offer a shift for game developers isn’t novel, either. After all, Media Molecule is hiring developers to make content specifically for its new title. In addition, the studio has at least considered ways to allow Dreams creators to monetize their creations. Sony’s supposed 10-year vision for the project, as well as the team’s desire to see content published on other platforms, could also hint at how Media Molecule’s latest could usher in a unique game changer.

Dreams will come to the PlayStation 4 next month on February 14th.

[Source: Shawn Layden on Twitter]