Hunt: Showdown Console Cross-Play May Happen Just Weeks After Release

When Crytek announced Hunt: Showdown’s PS4 launch date, the team also teased cross-platform play plans for consoles. At the time, the feature seemed months away. However, new word from one of the studio’s developers suggests PS4 and Xbox One players could be teaming up in just a matter of weeks.

During a Reddit AMA yesterday, Lead Designer Dennis Schwarz addressed concerns about input lag issues. The developer told fans that input lag will be adjusted in an upcoming patch that should also introduce cross-play. If all goes as planned, this update should go live in the coming weeks. According to Schwarz, “we are currently still investigating the input lag issue, but hope to have this go live with the same update that will introduce cross-play between XBOX and PS4 players. This should be rather soon! Hopefully in the next couple weeks.”

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown originally hit PC via Steam in August 2019. An Xbox One release followed not too long thereafter in October. It was set to launch for the PS4 last fall as well; however, the title just made it to Sony’s console in February of this year.

An online experience, Hunt: Showdown drops players in the Louisiana bayous. Solo matches pit up to 10 solo players against one another. Two teams of five serve as another multiplayer option for Crytek’s latest. Either way, skillful combat abilities and survival tactics are integral to surviving both Louisiana’s harsh swamp environments and the monstrous creatures that lie within them.

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Hunt: Showdown is out now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Reddit via MP1st]

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