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DOOM Eternal Soundtrack Will Feature a Choir of Diverse Metal Vocalists for an Ultra-Heavy Sound

One of DOOM’s most iconic traits is its metal soundtrack—a perfect compliment to the fast-paced demon-slaying action. DOOM Eternal is taking the heaviness one step further by implementing a choir of metal vocalists from a wide variety of recognizable bands. The choir has some big-name artists like Tony Campos of Static X, Soulfly, Ministry, and Fear Factory, along with Sven de Caluwé from death metal band Aborted, and even Nature Ganganbaigal of Mongolian metal band Tengger Cavalry. It will feature a choir of 20 vocalists—half female and half male to ensure diversity from all angles.

Here are some of the choir’s recognizable singers and their respective bands:

  • Linzey Rae – The Anchor
  • James Dorton – Black Crown Initiate
  • Wesley Merritt – The World I Knew
  • Natalie Kahan – Wildspeaker
  • Sven de Caluwé – Aborted
  • Tony Campos – Static X/Ministry
  • Nature Ganganbaigal – Tengger Cavalry
  • James Rivera – Helstar

“We want the game to feel like a heavy metal album experience,” id Audio Director Chad Mossholder said during a behind-the-scenes video. You can check it out below:

Despite its emphasis on heavy metal and seemingly difficult gameplay, DOOM Eternal will feature many accessibility options to ensure nearly anyone can enjoy it. You’ll be able to customize its UI, enable a colorblind mode, adjust the button layout, and even completely remove the HUD altogether. And of course, those who still want a super challenging DOOM experience can play on the Ultraviolence difficulty.

DOOM Eternal will release for PS4 on March 20, 2020.

[Source: YouTube]

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