Ghost of Tsushima Includes Varying Difficulty Levels, Developer Confirms

Recent talk of Ghost of Tsushima’s combat seemed to indicate that players should anticipate a certain level of challenge. While that is true, Creative Director Jason Connell has confirmed the game will include various difficulty modes. As such, those looking for more of a challenge will be able to up the ante. Players who may want to tone things down a bit will have easier options at their disposal, too.

Connell noted as much during a recent interview with The Washington Post. He told the publication,

So, first of all, we do have difficulty. If the game is too easy and you want it to be a much more challenging experience, you can take it up a notch. If you find the game is a little too hard, you can take it down. Again, this is an effort to try to get as many players as possible.

There’s a balance Sucker Punch wants to ensure it strikes for a wide range of players. Ghost of Tsushima can’t be so off-putting that it turns players away before the experience truly begins. Connell added,

It can’t be so hard that you give up in the first 15 minutes. That would be very frustrating for a lot of people who have a lot to gain from playing the game because they love this medium or this genre. But it also can’t be so easy that there’s no challenge to some of our biggest, most hardcore fans.

Connell’s words may prove especially pleasing to fans who were concerned with the game’s difficulty following statements earlier in the week. In speaking with IGN, Game Director Nate Fox said a couple of blows from an enemy’s sword could kill Jin. This gameplay decision on Sucker Punch’s part was to “honor the lethality of the sword.” The statements from Connell suggest this level of difficulty won’t apply to easier game modes, or will at least give players more ways to limit that incoming damage. It’s unclear exactly how the different difficulties will impact gameplay.

Sony and Sucker Punch showed off more of the action title last week during a special State of Play. In the 18-minute presentation, combat, exploration, Photo Mode, and the Samurai Movie mode were all put on display.

Ghost of Tsushima launches this summer for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th.

[Source: The Washington Post]