horizon zero dawn comic covers

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Comic Covers Revealed, Six Variants in Different Art Styles

While we’re all waiting with bated breath for news on a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, there is at least some good news. The upcoming sequel comic series from Titan Comics follows the original game, telling the story of Alloy’s BFF Talanah, a “strong and determined hunter, who struggles to find purpose after her trusted friend Aloy disappears. When a mysterious threat emerges in the wilds, she sets out to hunt and to defeat it, only to learn that a whole new breed of killer machines stalk the land,” according to the press release for the co-written series by Anne Toole. While the August release date is fast approaching, we now have multiple variations of the cover art for the first issue to take a gander at, each in a very different art style.

There’s some cool art to be seen and had here, showcasing a mix of original drawings and composite images using the in-game models. There’s not much by way of being able to glean any story information based on the covers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a feast for the eyes. These “video game stories set after the source material” comics have been popping up with more frequency lately–looking at you, Life Is Strange comic series–but aren’t always the most authentic experiences. Only time will tell if the Horizon Zero Dawn comic will have actual ramifications on any potential storylines planned for the future of the game franchise or if this is just more fun, pretty fluff to keep the hardcore fans happy until the eventual return to the world of metal dinosaurs and apocalyptic ennui.

The first issue of Horizon Zero Dawn from Titan Comics is available on August 5, 2020 from both physical comic book retailers and online comics stores such as Comixology. Be sure to keep an eye out for all six cover variants.