Stray Stars a Cat Who Will Explore a Cybercity With Its Flying Drone Companion

Of all the games showcased during Sony’s PlayStation 5 stream, Stray certainly serves as a stand out. The game in question comes from developer BlueTwelve Studio and publisher Annapurna Interactive (Telling Lies, Sayonara Wild Hearts). Of course, Stray’s most fascinating aspect is that a stray cat sits center stage. Better still, this adorable stray wears a backpack.

See Stray’s debut trailer in the video linked below:

BlueTwelve fittingly describes Stray as a “third-person cat adventure game.” The title takes place in a neon-lit cybercity, a decaying metropolis the stray cat can explore at leisure. Such an environment won’t be kind to the feline, however. Dangerous creatures and a number of other “unforeseen threats” lie in wait. But exploring should prove worth the effort, given that Stray will feature mysteries in need of solving.

Players should expect to interact with the seedy environments the way any cat would. A stealthy approach may represent one option, while other situations will demand the stray be nimble, annoying, or simply silly to traverse from place to place.

According to an overview on Stray’s official website, the cat will also pick up a companion while journeying along. This companion, a flying drone known as B12, will likely play an integral part in the feline achieving its goal.

Interestingly, this game from BlueTwelve Studio began as a concept known as Project_HK. Many are probably familiar with its original appearance online as neat-looking gifs. The concept’s positive reception inspired the creation of something grander, which eventually piqued Annapurna Interactive’s interest. Now here we are, patiently awaiting to see more of this intriguing new adventure.

Stray is due out in 2021 on the PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

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