New Image Showcases Both PlayStation 5 Versions Placed Horizontally

An official image (pictured above) of the PlayStation 5 console lying flat-ish on its side has surfaced online. Both the “standard” disc drive version and the Digital Edition are present in the image. Now instead of a router, the PS5 looks more akin to a Portal turret flipped on its side. The abstract design still manages to impress, though.

This imagery first began making the rounds courtesy of a post on Reddit. According to Gematsu, the picture may have originated from an Amazon server. As of writing, the retailer’s server link still features the image in question. It further cements the news that despite being revealed in a upright and vertical display, the PS5 will be able to sit horizontally as well, so don’t worry if your entertainment center doesn’t support vertical consoles. You’ll just have to make sure you have around 15 inches of space side to side to fit it.

Sony showed off its PlayStation 5 hardware nearly a week ago during “The Future of Gaming” broadcast. Some of the peripherals were shown as well, including a new wireless headset, media remote, and HD camera. Pricing details on all of the above remain under wraps for the time being, and Sony has said it is focusing on “value” rather than on landing at a specific price.

In addition to showcasing the console itself, last week’s stream also featured a host of game reveals. From the likes of Horizon Forbidden West to indies such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits, it seems the first couple of years for next-gen will be quite special.

Beyond pricing and release date information, there are still many questions regarding PS5. For example, a report went live earlier this morning about free PS4 to PS5 game upgrades. Allegedly, Sony will leave such decisions up to the discretion of third-party publishers. However, there presently exists no word on how Sony will tackle the initiative with its own first-party exclusives.

The console manufacturer plans to release PlayStation 5 on an unspecified date this holiday season.

[Source: Reddit, Gematsu]