PS5 physical case design ps5 game cases spider-man miles morales box art

PS5 Physical Game Case Design Revealed With Spider-Man Miles Morales Box Art, Features Black Logo on White Background

In a random and quick Thursday update, Sony decided to show everyone what physical PS5 game cases will look like, using Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales as the first example. The design basically mimics the PS4 boxes, but features a black PS5 logo on a white background along the top (instead of white on blue). The case itself is still blue, likely a branding decision to maintain the “blue” identity in contrast to Xbox’s green.

PS5 physical game cases spider-man miles morales box art

An alternate angled view shows the spine of the case, which basically does the same thing, mimicking the PS4 box art design with a black PS5 logo on a white background. The color scheme follows the overall black and white aesthetic of the DualSense controller and PlayStation 5 console itself, which is embracing a bold new design that’s a bit different than your usual console box.

PS5 physical game cases spider-man miles morales box art

And here’s a comparison of the case next to the PS4 box for Marvel’s Spider-Man, showing the similarities and differences. One of the more notable absences on the case design is the “Only On PlayStation” moniker along the top, though it’s possible this isn’t the final art and PS5 exclusives will indeed receive a badge/branding of some sort later on. The white bar along the top is also a solid color now, as opposed to the blue gradient that features on PS4 game box art.

marvel's Spider-man miles morales box art ps5 case design

In terms of sizing, it looks like the cases are staying the same physical Blu-ray cases that Sony has been using, which means these should fit onto your shelf right alongside your PS4 collection. The design change really isn’t a major shift overall except the bold new coloring contrast to call attention to the new generation of games. The thin white line separating the logo from the game art is now dark blue. It’s difficult to see in contrast with the dark background on the Miles Morales case, but should be more noticeable with other box arts. That signature blue of the case overall reminds you that it’s still on PlayStation.

The question is why now? Why today? It’s the latest in Sony’s seemingly random next-gen information roll out strategy, but it does also hint that preorders for next-gen games will be going live relatively soon. If Amazon is about to be flooded with next-gen box art, then Sony wants to get ahead of that and control the conversation by revealing what PS5 physical game cases look like themselves.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]