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Spider-Man: Miles Morales is Set One Year After the Events of Marvel’s Spider-Man

During Sony’s PS5 reveal event last week, Insomniac showed off a new adventure in the Spider-Man universe, Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Though exciting, the announcement incited a wave of confusion. While Insomniac was quick to clarify Miles Morales is standalone, there still existed a tinge of uncertainty. Now the studio is once more addressing what fans should expect. In a new video on the project, Insomniac confirms Miles Morales‘ status as a standalone by comparing it in scope to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Moreover, the new information teases a host of story details.

In the following video, Miles Morales Creative Director Brian Horton and Senior Animator James Ham talk gameplay. Most notably, the two acknowledge that Miles will move differently from Peter. In addition, the younger hero has his own unique combat abilities, such as invisibility and bio-electricity.

Brian Horton offered additional details in a PlayStation Blog post, too. Especially of interest is that Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes place roughly one year after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The winter setting, as seen in the trailer, will add a new dynamic to the overall experience. Fans should also expect to encounter new set-pieces and a fresh batch of enemies.

With regards to the story, Horton noted that “just before Christmas break” a war begins to brew between a high-tech army of criminals and an energy corporation. Miles, then, finds himself caught in the middle when the war lands on his doorstep in the streets of Harlem.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is out this holiday season on the PlayStation 5. As of writing, it remains unclear as to whether the standalone title will also launch on the PlayStation 4.

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