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Techland Plans to Continue Supporting Dying Light Beyond the Launch of Hellraid

Next week, Techland will unleash new DLC for Dying Light in the form of Hellraid. Yes, that five-year-old zombie game is still kicking. Apparently, the content releases may not stop there either. Techland fully plans to continue supporting Dying Light beyond the forthcoming launch of the Hellraid mode.

In an interview with GameCrate, Techland’s Senior PR Manager Ola Sondej addressed whether Hellraid counts as the last bit of Dying Light content. According to Sondej, the studio isn’t thinking in those terms. “We don’t think of Dying Light: Hellraid as the final DLC and we plan to continue our support for Dying Light.”

Last summer, Lead Designer Tymon Smektala told GamesIndustry.biz there were two primary reasons for the ongoing support of Dying Light. For one, Techland wants to keep its community of players engaged. Second, Dying Light DLC allows the team to experiment with ideas for Dying Light 2 and garner feedback with little to no risk.

The Hellraid mode is an especially interesting batch of content, since it’s inspired by a Techland title that remains on-hold. In Dying Light, players will access Hellraid via an arcade cabinet, which Sondej said “connects the two worlds.” While exploring the arcade machine, players will combat original Hellraid enemies in locales designed for the unreleased project. There are even Hellraid weapons on deck, some of which will find their way into Dying Light proper.

Techland plans to roll out Dying Light: Hellraid across the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms for $9.99 on July 23rd. Dying Light 2 is still in the works, though it presently lacks a release date.

[Source: GameCrate]