a tale of paper ps4

Help a Fragile Figure Overcome Obstacles in A Tale of Paper, Due to Launch Later This Year

Origami-centric platformer A Tale of Paper is officially coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year on an unspecified date. In sharing the news, developer Open House Games also unleashed a brand-new teaser trailer.

Get a closer look at A Tale of Paper in the video below:

A Tale of Paper is known for having won SIE Spain’s PlayStation Talents Awards VII Edition. The title follows a origami figure, Line, who sets out to fulfill his creator’s dream. As a platformer, A Tale of Paper will provide several challenges, many of which players will solve by configuring Line in different origami poses.

In a press release, Open House Games notes its project’s “slow-paced and deep gameplay” makes it particularly special. Players should anticipate a healthy mix of platforming sequences and light puzzles, along with some suspense and beats of walking simulation for variety. The developer adds that while the camera moves laterally, A Tale of Paper is not a 2D platformer in the traditional sense. This is because players will have the option to roam about in any direction they choose.

Line’s myriad origami transformations will aid in navigating obstacles and avoiding unusual foes known as Roombas. Every stage will require the use of the fragile character’s full arsenal of abilities, too. It won’t prove as simple as it may sound, however, given that each configuration only allows Line to perform one action at at time. For example, Line can turn into a frog to jump, yet won’t be able to use walking or running abilities. Such a design choice, according to Open House, was fueled by a desire “to transmit Line’s fragility.”

[Source: Open House Games via Gematsu]