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Master Roshi is Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ in September, Nosebleeds and All

Some dreams do come true. Master of the Turtle School, first sensei of Goku, and overall perverted lecher tolerated by those around him, Master Roshi is the next DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. The third character in this most recent season of DLC releases for the 2018 fighting game, Roshi is a long-requested fan-favorite for the fighting game franchise that also continues the trend with this latest season pass of characters featured in the Tournament of Power arc from Dragon Ball Super. You may be wondering how effective an old man with a nose-bleed problem could be against literal gods and monsters, but make no mistake: Roshi has a plan for one and all. Check out the (very short) reveal trailer below and then we’ll break down some footage.

There’s not much information to glean from this brief look at the Turtle Hermit, but we can make a few educated guesses as to what his moveset might end up being. This Roshi is clearly based off the one chosen for Goku’s Universe 7 team in the Tournament of Power arc of Dragon Ball Super, in which the Z Fighters take on teams from around the multiverse. Roshi ends up on the team due to the tournament format and, despite being elderly and prone to distraction, is a master tactician and a fighter who was once considered the most powerful on Earth.

It seems likely that this Roshi will get his mass-increasing transformation attack shown in the tournament arc, in addition to having a small hitbox that’s likely to be annoying. As expected, it appears his level 3 super attack is the Evil Containment Wave, an attack he first utilized against Demon King Piccolo in the original Dragon Ball but brought back as a last-ditch effort in the Tournament of Power. Is it a one-hit kill? Only time will tell.

Master Roshi is set for a September release in Dragon Ball FighterZ across all systems, with two more fighters making their way to the game at a later date.