dragons dogma anime trailer

Netflix Unleashes the First Trailer for Its Upcoming Dragon’s Dogma Anime

After roughly a year of silence about the project, Netflix recently shared the first poster for its Dragon’s Dogma anime series. With the show’s release date fast approaching, the streaming giant has now unleashed the first trailer. And it’s a pretty lengthy trailer, too, clocking in at a touch under two minutes and 30 seconds in length. Needless to say, this initial look at the animated adaptation seems a pretty good show of what to expect from the series.

Check out the trailer in the Twitter post linked below:

In showcasing the above trailer, Netflix also unveiled Dragon’s Dogma overarching plot in a brief summary. The series stars Ethan, a man who lost his home and loved ones to a dragon. His life in taters, Ethan embarks on a journey to find and destroy the creature. As seen in the trailer, “a pawn” joins him on the venture, vowing to serve and protect him at all costs. Hunting down the dragon won’t count as Ethan’s only challenge. Other dangers await as well, since, apparently, fighting a monster means you are damned to become the very same.

Netflix originally announced the series in March 2019. Audiences don’t have too much longer to wait for it, either. The Dragon’s Dogma anime will begin streaming exclusively on Netflix next month on September 17th.

[Source: NX on Twitter]