PlayStation Stop AAPI hate

PlayStation, Bungie, and More Game Companies Condemn Hate Against Asian Americans With Calls to Support Organizations

The past year has seen a drastic increase in hate crimes, xenophobia, and racism perpetrated against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), in large part owing to former President Trump’s casual and repeated references to the pandemic as the “China virus.” Yesterday, that violence escalated into a shooting spree in which a man murdered eight people at a series of three different spas. Among the dead were six Asian women.

Following the shooting, PlayStation, Bungie, and numerous other game companies have come out in a show of solidarity to condemn the violence and hatred against AAPI, and call people to take action with resources that can help support the AAPI communities.

PlayStation committed to making a donation to Stop AAPI Hate, an organization that seeks to end xenophobia and racism against the AAPI community.

Bungie also made a donation and urged others to do the same.

Bethesda, Phil Spencer, and Ubisoft also spoke up.

Bandai Namco had also issued a statement about stopping Asian hate yesterday, prior to the shootings occurring.

You can find a wealth Anti-Asian Violence resources here, including education and actions you can take. Consider standing in solidarity with the AAPI community and condemning these senseless and xenophobic attacks through action. We at PlayStation LifeStyle also condemn the rampant racism, and are individually each doing our part to stand in solidarity and support the AAPI community.

[Via: GamesIndustry]