Medium DualSense Controller Features

The Medium DualSense Controller Features Help Players Feel Marianne’s Reactions on PS5

The Medium arrives on PlayStation 5 next month now that the game’s exclusivity contract with Xbox has come to an end. When it launches, the third-person psychological horror will come with unique features that make use of the console’s DualSense controller characteristics, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, so players can feel protagonist Marianne’s reactions to the events that happen around her.

Marianne is a medium who uses a variety of psychic abilities to help her explore the abandoned Niwa communist resort and find the reason for her recurring visions of a little girl murdered by a lake. To do so she’ll need to switch between the real world and the spirit world as she confronts a horrifying tragedy that took place there. Haptic feedback will let players feel Marianne’s reactions to everything that happens and help players to use her skills effectively.

When the Spirit Shield ability is activated, the controller will vibrate as if “dozens of spirit-world moths hit the barrier.” Meanwhile, the Out of Body ability lets Marianne’s spirit explore without the limitations of a physical body. The problem is this state can only be used for a limited time before Marianne suffocates and the controller will pulsate more rapidly the closer players get to that.

Adaptive triggers are meant to make the controls feel “more intuitive.” For example, the Spirit Blast will need charging and the trigger will be extremely resistant as this process starts. Once the trigger can be fully pressed, the blast of spiritual energy is completely charged and ready to use. The game’s touchpad can be used to manipulate objects and find hidden echoes, traces of past inhabitants. Motion controls can be used to look around locations instead of using the joystick. Players will also hear feedback from the tools they’re using through the controller’s speaker while the lighting around the touchpad replicates her torch.

The Medium also includes story-based moments that will be enhanced by the controller’s features, but Bloober Team didn’t want to spoil these before the game’s PS5 release. Pre-orders are available now on the PlayStation Store, and PS Plus members get a 10% discount. Those who pre-order The Medium before its release on September 3 will get the digital Original Soundtrack and The Art of The Medium digital artbook.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]