Life is Strange Remastered Collection delayed

Life is Strange Remastered Collection Delayed to 2022, Life is Strange: True Colors Still on Schedule

Deck Nine Games has delayed Life is Strange Remastered Collection until early 2022. They’ve chosen to do this to relieve some of the stress the team is undergoing right now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. There is some good news, however. Life is Strange: True Colors is still on schedule to be released on September 10.

Life is Strange: True Colors will come in a standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition. The Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition will include access to the new Wavelengths DLC that features a storyline based around LARP enthusiast Steph Gingrich. This DLC is also on schedule and will be released on September 30. Deck Nine promises it’ll be revealing more about the DLC tomorrow, August 12, in a new trailer. The Ultimate Edition will also still include access to the two games in the Remastered Collection too, but players will now have to wait until early 2022 to access these.

The delay to an unspecified date in 2022 means Life is Strange Remastered Collection will no longer be releasing in September.

You can read the full message from the team below:

We have some important updates for you on our upcoming release dates.

After Life is Strange: True Colors releases on September 10, we’re happy to announce that the Life is Strange: Wavelengths DLC, starring Steph Gingrich, will release on September 30.

We will be revealing a first lookvia a new trailer tomorrow!

However, due to the ongoing challenges of the worldwide pandemic, we want to alleviate any additional pressure on the Life is Strange team by giving more time between the release of Life is Strange: True Colors and the Life is Strange Remastered Collection.

For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of the Life is Strange Remastered Collection for all platforms – PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and Switch – until Early 2022.

We hope you understand.

Thank you for your patience and overwhelming support!

Life is Strange Remastered Collection features Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm remastered for PlayStation 4 with updated graphics, lighting, and animations. The games’ puzzles will also be refined. While the stories of those two games are independent of True Colors, the upcoming new entry does include some recurring franchise characters like Steph. Instead of the ability to rewind time, new protagonist Alex Chen has the ability to tap into other people’s emotions to find the truth about the death of her brother. Four different emotions can be manipulated to alter the outcome of certain situations, but this isn’t without risk.

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