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Far Cry 6’s Cockfighting Mini Game Draws Condemnation, PETA Urges Its Removal

The inclusion of a cockfighting mini game in Far Cry 6 has drawn widespread condemnation, and now global animal rights organizations are urging Ubisoft to remove it via an update.

Ubisoft has long touted Far Cry games as drawing inspiration from the real-life cultures of the locations that its games are based in. Although attitudes towards animal rights are gradually changing, cockfighting is one of many harrowing blood sports still played around the world. Authenticity aside, it’s the inclusion of the sport as a mini game that has drawn ire and shocked many.

In a statement, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called the mini game “reprehensible.” A press release reads:

Turning a horrific blood sport like cockfighting into a Mortal Kombat–style video game match is a far cry from real innovation, as today’s society is strongly opposed to forcing animals to fight to the death. Roosters used in cockfights are fitted with sharp spurs that tear through flesh and bone, causing agonizing and fatal injuries. PETA Latino urges Ubisoft to replace this reprehensible minigame with one that doesn’t glorify cruelty.

Ubisoft has remained mum so far.

Far Cry 6 released last week to generally favorable reviews. Its critic reception is the lowest in the series. The general consensus is that it’s just another Far Cry that series’ fans might enjoy playing, but it’s also more of the same and offers nothing new.

Rumor has it that Ubisoft plans to overhaul the series and take an online-oriented approach towards the next Far Cry, akin to Assassin’s Creed Infinity.

[Source: PETA]