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Horizon Forbidden West’s Slitherfang Comes With ‘a Whole Heap of Attacks,’ Watch It in Action

Guerrilla Games has offered Game Informer an exclusive look at Aloy going head-to-head with the terrifying, acid-spitting Slitherfang boss in Horizon Forbidden West, and the 26-second clip (viewable on Game Informer only) is worth your time. We got a close look at the machine two weeks ago, but this time, we have more details about its attacks.

Slitherfang’s long-range acid attacks are generated in a tank conveniently located near its throat, and it would behoove players to destroy that tank ASAP. Alongside the acid attacks, the snake’s tail shoots lightning bolts and its neck fires sonic pulses that not only deafen Aloy for a short time, they also incapacitate her, leaving her vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Game director Mathijs de Jonge told Game Informer that the sonic pulse attack is “hard to dodge” and players will either need to find cover quickly or get out of the attack’s range when they Slitherfang charging it up. Interestingly, Aloy’s stealth attacks are not effective against the machine and its attack pattern changes according to its health status.

“The snake has a whole heap of attacks,” de Jonge teased. So what you’re watching in the aforementioned battle clip is just a tiny glimpse of what Slitherfang is capable of. That said, Aloy will have enough skills, attacks, and weapons at her disposal to take Slitherfang down, provided she’s smart about it. The snake is vulnerable to fire, ice, and plasma attacks.

Imagine the items this boss will drop once it’s down for good! You’ll find out for yourself on February 18, 2022.