horizon forbidden west machines

Guerrilla Offers a Closer Look at Horizon Forbidden West’s Slitherfang, Rollerback, and Sunwing Machines

As we inch closer to its February 2022 release, Horizon Forbidden West is the focus of Guerrilla Games’ latest marketing efforts. Following our first look at screenshots from the PlayStation 4 version, the developer has offered a closer look at the new Slitherfang, Rollerback, and Sunwing machines.

Without further ado, watch the video below.

“Some serve as guardians of the natural order, while others are built only to kill,” Guerrilla Games teased. “Even worse, the power to control them has fallen into the wrong hands. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek at the machines of the Forbidden West, but remember – it’s only the beginning. The western wilds conceal new threats around every turn.”

Aloy will be well-equipped to deal with these new threats. As previously detailed, the protagonist will come with new skills, new abilities, and new equipment that enable her to take down enemies quadruple her size. Guerrilla Games has said that there are multiple ways to defeat the new machines. However, players will have to study the machines, their unique behaviors, and their patterns in order to take them down.

“Aloy has many different types of weapons and ammunition available, and she’s going to need them all to beat the different machines!” asset art lead Maxim Fleury teased back in October.

Horizon Forbidden West will release on February 18, 2022.