Sackboy Horizon Costumes

Horizon Forbidden West Costumes Now Available in Sackboy A Big Adventure

Horizon Forbidden West is everywhere at the moment. The latest game crossover comes in the form of costumes in Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Starting today, February 18, players can download Aloy and Sylens costumes for Sackboy from the PlayStation Store.

Are the Horizon Forbidden West Sackboy Costumes Free?

The Horizon Forbidden West costumes can be downloaded for free for Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Aloy comes equipped with her bow and arrows, while Sylens just means Sackboy can be cool and mysterious at the same time. The costumes join a whole host of other free outfits that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store including those from The Last of Us II, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart, and Returnal.

Aloy’s newly released adventure is also taking over the world one city at a time. The 10ft tall Clawstrider statue that arrived in Sydney Botanical Gardens yesterday has now appeared in several other cities across Europe. Those in London can head to Waterloo Station, although it’s recommended to wait to visit it until Storm Eugene has stopped trying destroy everything. There’s a statue at the Cour de Rome on the forecourt of Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris, and another at Plaza del Callao in Madrid. All come with the Clawstrider Treat Code that can be entered at this website.

Meanwhile, Aloy has made an appearance as a statue in Florence, a city where women of the past are especially celebrated for making a difference. Sony is also collaborating with Event Horizon School, the only school in Italy to have access to PlayStation First, to offer more than 40 free courses to design students. Sony Interactive Entertainment is guaranteeing 40 courses will be made available but between now and March 18, players must unlock trophies from Horizon Zero Dawn and/or Horizon Forbidden West to activate more courses. Those interested in benefiting from the free courses need to apply through the Event Horizon School website.

Finally, Sony recruited hundreds of drones and many projectors to light up the famous Elephant Rock at Al-Ula in Saudi Arabia with the image of a Tremortusk and a message for players. It’s probably best if you take a look at the video.

In other news, Embracer Group has confirmed they have 216 games in development right now, including more than 25 AAA games they plan to release before the end of March 2026. Elsewhere, Ubisoft has confirmed Skull & Bones will now be a game that focuses on multiplayer first.