Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Remaster

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is HD Remaster of FF7 Prequel

Many were skeptical when rumors of a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII remake were being thrown around yesterday, but they turned out to be correct. Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is the official name of the HD remaster of the PSP game and it’s coming to several consoles and PC.

Introducing Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is the action RPG prequel to Final Fantasy VII. The game tells the story of SOLDIER 1st Class Zack Fair, a younger member of the paramilitary organization. He sets out on a mission to find a missing SOLDIER called Genesis Rhapsodos, who himself went missing during a mission in Wutai. Both Zack and Genesis’ stories are linked to those of several well-known Final Fantasy VII characters such as Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith, and Tifa.

Not only will the graphics be getting an overhaul in the “true remaster”, but there will also be updated 3D models, full voiceovers for the characters, and new music arrangements. Whether the game will feature an altered storyline is yet to be seen bearing in mind the character will be appearing in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which was also announced exclusively for PS5 today. This suggests a different timeline for what has been seen already.

Crisis Core was originally released exclusively on the PSP but the remaster will be coming to many more platforms, all for the first time. Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion HD remaster will be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this winter.

In other news, the aforementioned Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second part of the remake series and it’s making its way to PlayStation 5 next winter. Elsewhere, Capcom finally announced Dragon’s Dogma 2 during the 10th anniversary stream, but very few actual details of the game were divulged.