alone in the dark

New Alone in the Dark Game Potentially Being Teased

Reliable insider The Snitch is apparently teasing a new Alone in the Dark game ahead of current IP owner THQ Nordic’s event later this week. The Snitch, who has an impeccable track record thus far, posted yet another cryptic tweet in his usual style but folks were quick to utilize Google and point out that this time, they lifted a line straight from 2005’s Alone in the Dark movie.

How likely is a new Alone in the Dark game?

If it wasn’t The Snitch who posted the tweet above, we probably would have dismissed rumors of a new Alone in the Dark. Although it’s a long-running franchise, its games have never really fared well critically or commercially. Some of us old souls do have fond memories of Alone in the Dark but I wouldn’t say the franchise has a cult following either.

Since its introduction in 1992, Alone in the Dark has been passed around to numerous developers and publishers. It was originally made by Infogrames/Atari and its last mainline entry released in 2008 for consoles and PC. Developed by Eden Games, 2008’s Alone in the Dark was panned by critics, prompting backlash from then-publisher Atari. It only sold a little over one million copies.

Enter THQ Nordic, who decided to pick up the IP in 2008 along with Act of War.

THQ Nordic will hold its event on Friday, August 12th.

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