Resident Evil Village Demo PS5 PS4

Resident Evil Village Demo Comes to PS5 and PS4 for a Limited Time

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will be launching at the end of the month with the brand new Shadow of Rose DLC expansion, new Mercenaries characters, and a third-person mode. So that players can get a feel for third-person mode, there will be a limited-time Resident Evil Village demo available later today for players to try out on PS5 and PS4 before its release.

When is the Resident Evil Village demo release date and time?

The Resident Evil Village Gold Edition demo will be available from 16:00 PDT on October 20 on PS5 and PS4. For European gamers, this will be 00:00 BST on October 21. Players will be able to try out both the first-person mode and the third-person mode in the demo. Third-person mode is intended to be an alternative for players who found the game too scary to play in first-person mode, or who experience motion sickness from that perspective, according to the DLC’s Director Kento Kinoshita. The catch is that the demo only allows players to try the game out for a total of 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will launch on October 28. During the Resident Evil Showcase, players got a new four-minute glimpse into the game and its Shadow of Rose expansion, giving more hits towards the conclusion of the Winters saga.