Missing PS Stars Collectibles

How To Get Missing PS Stars Collectibles

Missing PS Stars Collectibles is unfortunately a common issue according to many subscribers of the PlayStation loyalty program. Some report that challenges don’t appear when they should, while others state that sometimes completing a challenge doesn’t grant the appropriate reward. Thankfully, there’s a way to solve this issue. Here’s how to get missing PlayStation Stars Collectibles.

Unlocking missing PS Stars Collectibles

To unlock missing PS Stars Collectibles, players can contact PlayStation Support.

For those who feel that they should have earned Collectibles based on the PS Stars level or game history, contacting PlayStation Support is the best course of action.

PlayStation Stars enthusiast @PS5Collectibles reports that they successfully contacted Support to unlock the PlayStation 3, PocketStation, and PlayStation Home Collectibles.

It’s unfortunate that there’s so much inconsistency when it comes to the PS Stars rewards. For those grinding through the levels, it can understandably be frustrating when rewards don’t appear.

Hopefully PlayStation is working on fixing this issue so that players don’t have to resort to contacting a support team each time a Collectible goes missing.

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