dead island 2 download size

Dead Island 2 Download Size Requires Double Space on PS5 — Report

Claims of Dead Island 2‘s download size have surfaced ahead of the game’s release. The install sizes of both the PS5 and PS4 versions have reportedly been leaked, with the current-gen version significantly larger than the last-gen variant.

Dead Island 2 install size revealed for PS5 and PS4

The Dead Island 2 install size reportedly comes in at 48.219 GB on PS5 and 19.916 GB on PS4.

According to @PlaystationSize on Twitter, which has proven accurate in the past, the PS5 version of the game will take up more than double the space of the PS4 version.

If the report proves accurate, pre-load for both versions of the game will be available on April 19. This will give players two days to make sure it’s installed ahead of release. Those on slower internet connections are sure to appreciate the pre-loading period, especially if they are downloading the larger PS5 edition.

You’ll need to get some friends to also download the game if you’re hoping to earn the Platinum Trophy. You see, 100% completion requires co-op play.

Wondering if Dead Island 2 will be worth making space for? Read the PSLS preview to get a vibe for how the game is shaping up.