Sony will release at least two big PS5 exclusives per year

PlayStation Will Release ‘2 or More’ Major Exclusives Per Year

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has revealed that the company plans to release at least two “major” first-party PS5 exclusives per year. Ryan’s comments follow those of Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, who recently told investors that PlayStation plans to boost active users on PS5 by launching more exclusives, among other measures.

PS5 exclusives will cover “every major genre”

Ryan said that PlayStation Studios will utilize their varied first-party portfolio to launch “two or more major releases” per year that will cover “every major genre.” In a slide covering this topic during his presentation, Sony listed “shooter, RPG, action, platformer, sports, and racing” as examples of genres it plans to cover.

Sony also said that it’ll release a “mix” of single-player and live service games. Additionally, the new releases will include existing “big” franchises as well as new IP.

By fiscal year 2025, Sony expects to level its investments in new and existing IP with an even split between both. This is in stark contrast to FY19, when 80% of Sony’s investments went into existing IP and just 20% were earmarked for new IP.

Elsewhere, Ryan said that Sony plans to continue expanding its IP beyond gaming following the success of The Last of Us TV series and Uncharted movie.