PS5 Giveaway in New York Descended Into Chaos, Police Called
Photo by Fatih Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

PS5 Giveaway in New York Descended Into Chaos, Police Called

Popular streamer Kai Cenat will be charged for inciting a riot after a poorly planned PS5 giveaway event at Union Square, New York ended in chaos and destruction. The social media personality had promised a “huge giveaway” late afternoon last Friday, with thousands of people turning up in hopes to secure a free PS5 and other electronics.

Police struggled to control riot sparked by PS5 giveaway

As reported by news agencies, Cenat’s giveaway was scheduled to kick off at 4pm and by 3pm, the park was unsurprisingly jam packed. Multiple video clips showed the crowd destroying property, damaging nearby sites, climbing onto cars, and multiple brawls breaking out.

According to Deadline, police struggled to control the crowd, who started committing “acts of violence” towards both the police and the general public. A group of people used items like paint cans and construction tools from a nearby site to target one another. To top it off, fireworks were set off. There were reports of multiple injuries and people being whisked away in ambulances.

Cenat did not seek prior permission to hold the event and will now be charged with inciting a riot. He faces up to three years in prison if convicted.