Ubisoft Canceled Prince of Persia 3 in 2019, Says Former Designer

Ubisoft Canceled Prince of Persia 3 in 2019, Says Creator

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner has revealed that Prince of Persia 3 was canceled twice: once in 1993 and once as recently as 2019. Mechner didn’t say why Ubisoft canceled the game four years ago.

Jordan Mechner “disappointed” by Prince of Persia 3 cancellation

1993’s Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame ended with a cliffhanger, and Mechner says that long-time series fans — and even his colleagues — have been asking him for a third entry over the course of 30 years. Mechner created artwork that reflects his past work, and in one such drawing, he expressed his vision for Prince of Persia 3.

Image: Jordan Mechner (JordanMechner.com)

“My goal was to create an artwork that embraces both my evolving vision of POP3, and fans’ enduring curiosity for the past 30 years about this mysterious sorceress and the game that never was,” Mechner wrote. “It was a disappointment to me and the team when POP3 got canceled four years ago, but I’m grateful for the silver lining. It gave me time and space to create my recent graphic novels.”

Mechner revealed that some of POP3’s developers are currently working on The Lost Crown, which he openly voiced support for following a divisive reveal.