PS5 water cooling block

PS5 Can Now Be Water Cooled But It’ll Cost a Pretty Penny

PS5 players can start water cooling their consoles later in October with EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock. The solution is brought to us by EK Water Blocks, a company that specializes in water cooling gear and DIY kits for PCs.

Water cooling your PS5 will cost as much as the console itself

The PS5 monoblock is designed for hardcore modders who are comfortable going well beyond just swapping their console’s covers. Installing the kit will involve disassembling the PS5, taking out the circuit board, and mounting it inside the monoblock. You’re also going to need a lengthy list of additional components and a bag of cash lying around.

The PS5 doesn’t have an overheating problem unless your fans are clogged with dust so we’re not sure what this product is designed for other than bragging rights. EK seems well aware that it has come up with a niche product, writing that the PS5 monoblock is “not just another piece of hardware. It’s a statement.”

EK is selling the item for €449.90 (around $471 USD), and that’s without the additional components. You’re going to need a pump, radiator, fittings, tubes, etc., to get the whole thing up and running. All these products are, of course, available on EK’s website.