PS5 Overheating Fix: How to Stop It Getting Hot

PS5 consoles may have problems from overheating and becoming too hot. This is usually caused by dust building up within the PlayStation 5 console and preventing components like the fan from working properly, but the good news is that Sony has made it much easier for players to fix the problem themselves. Here’s how to fix the PS5 from overheating.

How to fix PS5 overheating

In order to fix the PS5 overheating and stop it from getting too hot, you must make sure that it has plenty of ventilation and is kept dust-free.

Here are the steps you can take to make sure your PlayStation 5 stays cool and working properly:

  1. Place the PS5 on a firm surface off the floor. Do not place it on carpets, the bed, the sofa, or any other soft fabric surfaces that easily accumulate dust.
  2. Place the PS5 in an open area. The console should not be placed in an enclosed space like a cabinet. Ideally, there should be at least four inches between the console and any wall surfaces.
  3. Don’t cover your PS5 with anything as the vents need to be uncovered so airflow is not obstructed.

If the PS5’s fans are running constantly or the console feels hot to the touch, there may be a blockage or dust buildup in the vents that needs removing. To do this you must:

  1. On a flat surface, unscrew and remove the console stand
  2. Remove the left faceplate. To do this you can lift up the corner of the faceplate by the PlayStation logo to unclip it, then slide the faceplate towards the bottom of the console.
  3. Vacuum out the dust from the two dust catchers.
  4. Vacuum the external vents to remove any visible dust.
  5. Replace the faceplate and console stand before using the PS5 again.

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