PS5 Receives Its First Price Increase in the US

PS5 Receives Its First Price Increase in the US

The PS5 has received its first price increase in the United States after a series of price hikes around the globe. The good news is that it’s only the Digital Edition that’s been bumped up. The console originally cost $399.99 for the same specs as its Disc counterpart. The slimmer iteration — which will phase out the existing model — will cost $449.99 without a disc drive.

The price difference between PS5 Slim’s disc and digital editions is just $50

With the new price, the PS5 digital edition may end up costing more than the disc version, especially if digital owners end up wanting to add a disc drive, which will cost $79.99 separately. Want to keep your console upright? That’ll be an additional $30 for the vertical stand, although disc edition owners will have to fork out the cash for that one too.

In Japan, both PS5 Slim disc and digital editions will cost more, hinting at economic pressures in the region. This will be the second price hike in the country. The U.K. and the rest of Europe are unscathed this time around.

PS5 digital’s price increase is a bit perplexing, considering the disc edition is significantly more popular and will ultimately end up being cheaper unless players opt not to purchase a disc drive at all or pick up one in a future sale.