Trolls Attack Spider-Man 2 PS5 Intern Over Likeness to MJ

Trolls Attack Spider-Man 2 PS5 Intern Over Likeness to MJ

A bunch of internet trolls have been relentlessly attacking an Insomniac Games intern over perceived likeness to Spider-Man 2 PS5‘s MJ (Mary Jane). A tweet that went viral over the weekend falsely insinuated that MJ’s face model is one of the game’s writers — an outlandish claim that ended up prompting a response from the victim herself.

Spider-Man 2 PS5’s MJ is modeled after actress Stephanie Tyler Jones

Spider-Man 2’s MJ looks different than the character seen in the PS4 game due to graphical advancements. Actress Stephanie Tyler Jones confirmed that she returned to provide her likeness to the sequel as MJ, and this was also confirmed by Insomniac Games itself earlier this year.

But this wasn’t enough for folks who’ve probably never been close to a woman in real life and were extremely sad that they couldn’t drool over a fictional character. We won’t share the viral tweet in question for obvious reasons, but its poster found a photo of one Ashley Poprik and claimed that she was a “self-insert” into the game. Except she wasn’t.

Poprik was actually just a writing intern. Despite all the YouTube videos and social media posts criticizing her looks, she handled the accusations with grace in the tweet below:

Truly embarrassing, to say the least.