Sony Policies for PlayStation Store Purchases Irks Germany

Sony Warned Over PlayStation Network Terms & Conditions by German Authority

Sony Interactive Entertainment has received a warning from the German consumer protection agency over some of its PlayStation Network user terms and conditions, particularly its policies for PlayStation Store purchases. The authority has said that if its concerns are not addressed, Sony may find itself in court.

Sony under fire for its handling of PlayStation Store purchases

According to a translation of the press release (via ResetEra), the three terms and conditions that Germany has expressed reservations about involve the use of store credit, minors making purchases, and users’ right of withdrawal when making a purchase.

Sony mandates players to use their store credits within 24 months, after which they’ll expire — something the authority says is against German law. PSN terms and conditions also require parents of minors to cover the costs of all purchases made by their children. Germany is particularly concerned about this because in-app purchases and microtransactions are often easy to buy.

Lastly, the authority says that players aren’t explicitly told that if they start to download a game, they lose their right to a withdrawal/refund. Germany wants customers to openly agree to such a policy when making a purchase.

“The warning is intended to persuade Sony to stop using the criticized clauses in the future,” the agency wrote. “If the industry leader refuses to do so, there is a risk of going to court.”